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Culture Of Somnath

The divine land of one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, Somnath is an important pilgrimage centre. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva or Lord Somnath literally meaning 'the protector of the Moon God'. This town has been preserving its mythological and religious significance since Centuries. That's why the place has found an entry in a number of epics of special importance in Hindu religion including Rig Veda and Mahabharata. Culturally Somnath is a rich town with a traditional philosophy to boast. Somnath is a place deep in local culture and tradition. Culture and traditions full of color and music and thereby attracting mass of domestic and foreign tourists. The vibrant and dynamic lifestyle of the local indigenous inhabitants of Somnath is reflected in the various socio-cultural and religious festivities of the place which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and passion. People at Somnath are very religious and follow their culture powerfully. The people are very jovial and friendly.